Round Table Events


In the mythical legend, King Arthur summoned his knights from faraway lands to meet together at a Round Table with no head – to show no one person had higher authority than the other. The legendary king knew that their collective consciousness, wisdom and intellect would be greater than the sum of its parts.

Like this wise king, Pauline attests to this powerful alchemy of greatness being in the agency of others. This is the core foundation of The Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table – a collaborative and collective online event where high achievers come together, break bread and tell tales. But this isn’t your regular networking event – Pauline masterfully facilitates and coaches along the way, whilst ensuring the Round Table’s knights are singing their truest songs.


“I’ve never seen someone command a room in the way that Pauline does.”

Pauline’s highly acclaimed Round Table offers progressive business leaders a vast swathe of practical takeaways and invaluable networking. Pauline sheds light into new concepts, from hacking individual biochemistry to a deepened understanding of ancient spiritual arts and modern techniques.

It is an unprecedented opportunity to experience standing in Pauline’s orbit from anywhere in the world. Enjoy insights and inspirations from Pauline’s award-winning book, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur and find out how you can implement them in your everyday life. Revel in joyful, juicy and sumptuous stories from a conscious community of engaged and experienced humans from all walks of life. Take a moment to stop, connect and navigate your spirit as Pauline guides you through a masterclass in breathwork and meditation.

See why CEOs, conscious entrepreneurs, well being coaches and everyone in-between rave about the life-changing insights, spiritual awakenings, actionable takeaways and skills accumulated in a single powerful meeting at Pauline’s Round Table.


Read the dozens of life-changing testimonials from our previous attendees.

“We become our associations. We become our conversations. Our environment becomes us and we become our environment. We must choose them well”

Pauline Nguyen