Round Table Events


In the classic story, Excalibur, King Arthur’s loyal knights join him at his round table to break bread, tell stories, and help solve each other’s problems from a higher state of mind.
This envelopment within like-minded souls is the foundation of Pauline Nguyen’s fiercely anticipated collaborative events, The Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Tables. Each session brings together a group of high achieving entrepreneurs with proven personal and professional acumen; expertly facilitated and coached by Pauline at the helm.


Whether held in person at Pauline’s award-winning restaurant, Red Lantern, or facilitated digitally in Pauline’s highly acclaimed online sessions, these gatherings of progressive business leaders culminate in a vast swathe of practical takeaways and invaluable networking; from insight into new concepts hacking individual biochemistry, to deepened understanding of ancient spiritual arts and techniques.

Pauline’s online Round Tables offer an unprecedented opportunity to experience standing in Pauline’s orbit from anywhere in the world. These sessions present the chance to mingle with unlike-minded entrepreneurs and gain life-changing insights and skills in a single evening. 

  • Enjoy insights and inspirations from Pauline’s award-winning book, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur
  • Storytelling and experience shares from a like-minded community
  • Breathwork and Meditation
  • Juicy discussions that will make your spirit sing

“We become our associations. We become our conversations. Our environment becomes us and we become our environment. We must choose them well”

Pauline Nguyen