Online Business Coach

Transform your life, wherever you live

The wonders of the technological age mean no longer are we bound to location. Pauline Nguyen offers Entrepreneurship, Speaking, Personal and Performance coaching online in the digital sphere, gifting her clients, whether they’re one on one sessions or in a group setting, the chance to elevate, uplift and inspire. Digital coaching allows Pauline and her followers to transcend geographical barriers and connect wherever they’re located, going quantum from the comfort and safety of one’s own home. It’s here that Pauline shares the secrets to speaking things into existence; teaching others how to become the alchemist of their own lives.

Pauline is a master storyteller with a background in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Neuro Semantics and Integral Semantics Coaching and Facilitation. Her training in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy assists her clients to reframe old stories that no longer serve them and design new stories with meaning to make a massive impact. Her skill in Emotional Freedom Techniques and modern day shamanism assists her clients to free themselves of the emotions of the past, so they’re no longer hijacked by old stories that do not serve them.

Pauline’s work as a skilled, trained facilitator gives her extraordinary abilities to uplevel the dynamics of groups and individuals that she coaches in a digital setting. She has undergone her own intensive, accelerated training with many teachers and masters to hone these skills, which she weaves throughout her online programs.

Because of her gifts, Pauline can energetically read every single person present, through a screen or otherwise, and knows what each person needs to be elevated. It’s not only semantic facilitation, or simply words. Pauline also uses somatic facilitation, which affects the breath, body and biochemistry, while working on a soul-matic plane, the spiritual work; ensuring each client is INspirit and INspired. This embodied approach to coaching ensures fast results. One client has said, “When Pauline started coaching me, I saw the shift immediately and all aspects of my life improved” while another espoused, “Her skills are unmatched to any other coach I have had in the last ten years.”

Using meditation, breathing techniques, yoga, shamanic activation and actionable, developmental steps to ensure pure optimisation, Pauline’s work isn’t a set-and-forget tick list. Despite not being face to face, Pauline knows how to draw the absolute best out of her clients so they can step into becoming the leader they were slated to be.


Pauline’s digital mentoring, coaching and teaching sessions are for you if you:

  • Are ready to grow, unabashedly, and leave stories that no longer serve you behind, to find a new direction filled with passion and integrity
  • Are willing to shed old paradigms to step into your power in your professional and personal life
  • Are craving the sense that there is something more – and that fulfilment and business success are not mutually exclusive
  • Understand that you are the master of your own destiny and can consciously create your own life

“If we can learn the tools of self-mastery, we can better practice the art of influence WITH others.”

Pauline Nguyen