The Secret To Living Is Giving

Andrew roundtable.jpg

One of the greatest joys that I experience with my Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtables is the invitation for my guests to not only come to learn from me, but also learn from each other. The Secret to Living is Giving, and boy, did the Spiritual Entrepreneurs at Tuesday’s Roundtable give A LOT! Each assisting another from a higher level of mind. I love it when I can sit back, relax and watch others who are much smarter than me, give of their knowledge and their wisdom. 

Thank you to Mr Andrew Boyle who gifted each one of us a piece of his craftsmanship. Ahmmm… that’s HOT! I love anything that involves hands-on work and a tool belt! We can't wait until you officially launch your Bakasana Boxes! 

Bless you Andrew for your words…
“This event exceeded my expectations. I loved that Pauline allowed the guests at her Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtable to coach one another. There were many well-seasoned Entrepreneurs who had a lot of experience and wisdom to share. It makes no one person the guru, and most importantly it fosters deeper connections between people, which at the end of the day is one of the most important things on an evening like this.

What I liked most is the way Pauline created a safe space for a group of like-minded people to get together in a relaxed space. Pauline has a unique skill that allows guests at her Roundtable to open up instantly and for everyone’s voice to be heard. I particularly liked the way there was an education component as well as a sharing component. Pauline guided the discussions around the topics she spoke about masterfully. And of course I must also praise the exquisite Red Lantern food and wine!"  

Andrew Boyle – Professional Fireman, Fitness Coach and Entrepreneur