I Love My Fear

i love my fear.jpg

Paolo Coelho writes; “I can either choose to be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of a treasure. It’s all a question of how I view my life.”

I have learned to not wait for life to happen to me. I have learned to design myself, live my dreams and take risks so that life can happen for me and through me.

We can never allow waiting to become a habit. Passion is born when you get a glimpse of your true potential.

A new friend asked me about the things I fear the most. My answer - The thing I fear the most is harm coming to my children.

And there are other fears also. Fears that are deep seeded. When the fear is deep, I go deeper.

I fear stagnation and staying the same. I fear lack of growth and progress. I fear mediocrity and never reaching my true potential. I fear being average.

I fear letting those I love down and letting myself down. I fear becoming lazy and just ‘settling’ for what is.

I fear giving up.

I fear dying without leaving my mark and not setting a powerful example for my children. I fear not standing up for myself and not holding my own. I fear constantly doing and being what people expect of me. I fear having to ever compromise my truth.

I fear having friends by default and surrounding myself with people who watch me stay the same and who do not push me to be more.

These are the fears that I never want to stop fearing.
These are the fears that give me drive.
These are the fears that fuel me.

I love my fear.