Do You Attract Or Repel?


The responses to the article I released earlier this week, How to Become a Badass Manifester, has made my heart sing!  

On a number of occasions, I was asked to say more about ‘vibration’ and ‘frequency’.

We are electromagnetic beings.  We are pure energy, so it is all about vibration and frequency. Have you ever wondered why we feel so ‘charged’ when we run in the rain? We are literally magnetic fields able to attract and repel electrically charged particles.

You can read more about the science of electromagnetism here.

This excerpt from my book The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur – The 7 Secrets to Becoming Fearless, Stress Free and Unshakable in Business and in Life, may give you more context...

What  makes  a  Spiritual  Entrepreneur an exceptional leader is not only emotional mastery but also energy mastery. 

When we are calm and in control, our intelligence and problem-solving skills cannot be robbed from us by the disempowering emotions that overtake and control us. This is a practice that needs to be cultivated. We must learn to stop disempowering emotion before it affects our neurocircuitry. 

When we are in a state of stress and panic, we only use 10 per cent of our mental, emotional and physical capabilities. By mastering more of ourselves, we have access to more of the other 90 per cent. 

We must refuse to allow stress, limited states and toxic people to rob us of our intelligence. 

We must examine and evolve not only our food consumption but also our news and media consumption, any useless and random information that we digest on social media, as well as violent and depressing movies or stories. Remember, rubbing in, rubbish out.

Clean up your external influences so that you acquire additional energy rather than have your energy stolen from you. After all, the quality of our emotions is the game of life.

One thing I have learned through direct experience, as well as coaching and mentoring many established entrepreneurs over the years, is that the health of the business is a reflection of the health of the owner.

Our level of consciousness has a profound effect on our businesses. Every thought, every action, creates ripples through this infinite field of consciousness. We are far more powerful than we realise. 

It is when our businesses falter that we have the opportunity to look within and ask the important questions.

Where and when have I fallen unconscious as the leader? 

Am I currently living by the hormone of stress and anxiety?

Is this why my staff are quitting?

When and where did I fall from grace?

Is my constant complaining depreciating my electromagnetic signature into the field? Is this why customers are repelled from doing business with me?

Is my fear of losing everything attracting more fear and more loss?

Are my internal uncertainty and deterioration the cause of the uncertainty and deterioration in my business?

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Attract or Repel – your choice.

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