Don't Drink The Coolaid

'Vulnerability', 'Courageous Leadership' and 'Finding Your Why' are all Bandaid Solutions.

Much of what is being taught in the Leadership space right now is not working. It is broken. Whether that is ‘brave leadership’, ‘courageous leadership', ‘vulnerable leadership’ or the persistent push to ‘find your why’. Those who attend my Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat don’t drink the coolaid. 

The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur is about Conscious Leadership and Self Mastery. Bravery, courage and vulnerability doesn’t mean much if you are still sleepwalking and have little control over your mind, your heart, your health, and your spirit.

Finding your ‘why’ doesn’t mean much if you don’t know ‘WHO’ you are. Show me WHO YOU ARE when the going gets tough. Show me WHO YOU ARE and how you show up in the good times and the not so good times, and maybe we can dance.

Leadership of Self must come first. When we know who we are and where we are going, we know what to take with us and who to take with us. Before we can lead others, we must rediscover and redesign ourselves. We must rediscover and redesign our mind, our heart, our health and our spirit. It must be all encompassing. No area can be ignored. It is only from this space that we can bring forth our truth, our voice and our power. Until then, everything else is a bandaid solution.

Don’t drink the coolaid.

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