ABC Radio National - We Do Things Differently


My Gratitude is Deep for the Game that Life allows me to Play.  

I had the opportunity to do a live interview on Radio National, ABC, About Life, taking The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur to the world. 

The last time I was in the ABC studios was on the Margaret Throsby Show some 11 years ago when I launched my first book Secrets of the Red Lantern. Now that was an experience!

Incidentally, I was also included in Talking with Margaret Throsby - her book of her top 19 most favourite interviews of all time.

Here's a short snippet of the interview;

I think the secret to our success is that, while everyone is going one way, we like to go the other way. We don’t do the same as the competition or better, we do things differently. And I don’t mind being in a male dominated industry, I’ve been in male dominated situations all my life having 3 brothers and a lot of my inner circles and entrepreneurial groups - and I don’t subscribe to the disadvantages of that, I think it is an amazing opportunity to make massive change.”

So, I ask you, have there been times when you have asked yourself... "Should I follow my truth, or is safer for me to follow the crowd?"

Visionaries always see things differently.

You can't make a difference in this world if you do things the same as everyone else. 

How can you do things differently today?

Listen to the full interview here.

MediaPauline Nguyen