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From depression and burnout, to unshakable success, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur helps socially conscious, spiritually-minded entrepreneurs become fearless, stress free, and unshakable, teaching overlooked and forgotten developments in cognitive science, quantum physics and biology that has been used to transform lives and businesses.

Winner of 2019’s Best Entrepreneurship and Small Business Book of the Year in 2019, Pauline wrote this book after years of encouragement from those who worked within her orbit or heard her speak on the international stage; in a bid to bring her philosophy and wisdom to a larger audience.

Pauline suffered a childhood mired in trauma and abuse; the ability to work hard literally beaten into her. After co-founding Red Lantern, Pauline was working up to 100 hours a week. Thin, burnt out and suffering from stress-induced alopecia, Pauline knew there had to be a better way – and set about her own venture to uncover the secrets to both business prosperity and a thriving spiritual practise.

Her blend of mystic Eastern spirituality and high-performing Western business acumen make her uniquely suited to speak to entrepreneurs about rewiring your biology and rewriting your biography.

“It’s my hope to increase human potential for my fellow entrepreneurs… which will inevitably elevate our families and business relationships, extending to our immediate communities and the world at large. But above all of this, must come first, a deeper understanding, acceptance and celebration of ourselves.”

Pauline Nguyen

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The missing link between entrepreneurship and spirituality and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone looking for more

I listened to the audio version of this book and LOVED every single minute of it. From the very first section I felt like Pauline was talking to ME and ONLY ME. So I kept listening!

I loved hearing her voice, her intonations and feeling her beliefs and passion coming through in the retelling of her stories and experiences. I might have missed some of those nuances if it wasn’t for the audio version! Many made me smile, as she said them with so much intent and purpose!

Whilst there are a zillion books on entrepreneurship globally (and Pauline refers to and quotes perfectly from some of the best in the business throughout) not much has been done before – linking entrepreneurship with spirituality – in the way Pauline has. We learn from this book that spirituality and religion are most clearly NOT the same thing. The lessons and principals in the book have helped me work out how to fill my own spiritual quotient.

Pauline is without a doubt creating an invaluable, and much needed, movement of consciousness, care and connection. We can all learn and grow from the 7 secrets she shares, whether we’re involved in small business, big business or no business at all!

This book is the missing link between entrepreneurship and spirituality and I would recommend it to absolutely everyone who is looking for more and who is seeking change in business or in life, and is not sure how to go about it. I cannot wait to listen to it again!

Kim Kirsten

Independent Organisational Change Management Consultant and Online Entrepreneur, Australia

“You are naturally happier when you design your life consciously. Let me repeat that. You are naturally happier when you design your life consciously.”

Pauline Nguyen