Enough fear, frustration and unfulfilling work.

It’s time to unlock your Next Level Greatness.

Step out of disharmony and default. Become badass by design.
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I have sat in the discomfort of the fire. Sitting in the fire is both the process and the initiation.

Now, I am here.

Pauline Nguyen Spiritual Entrepreneur Speaker Author
  • Escaped Vietnam on a boat and survived a Thai refugee camp

  • Owner and co-founder of Red Lantern, the most awarded Vietnamese restaurant in the world

  • Winner of Australia Telstra Business Award for Medium Business

  • Trailblazing the future approach to good business and Spiritual Entrepreneurship

  • Best-selling author of Secrets of the Red Lantern and The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur

  • Top keynote speaker in Australia

Amongst it all, Pauline discovered the no-bullshit way to spiritual enlightenment while maintaining success.


Let me guess…

Your work is not giving you the fulfilment it used to

Your big wins seem to have a sense of emptiness and meaninglessness

Celebrating your little wins feel like bandaids for bigger issues

You’re trying to find balance between work, life, love and family

Your health is suffering from your work

All the woo-woo spiritual stuff seems unrealistic for an entrepreneur


Imagine if you could…

Inject real fulfilment into your goals and vision

Live your work and your life in purpose and on purpose

Create harmony in your life and still find time for excitement and adventure

Rejuvenate your health

Power up and sustain your wellbeing through business challenges and life obstacles

Become fearless, stress free and unshakable in business and in life


FREE 4-part mini course
The Simple Secrets to Instantly Calm Your Mind & Reduce Stress


It’s time to step into your Next Level Greatness.

Nurturing, challenging and supportive environments designed to curate deep fulfilment in your successes and leave your powerful legacy.


Inject connection and meaning into your relationships

Explore the depths of your motivations and rescript your destiny

Create your ideal life - make it REAL

Develop your calm courage and fearlessness

Step into your best, bad-ass self

Integrate your spirituality and business self into one life

Balance work stresses and self care

Alleviate work stresses, for good

Start now with the FREE 4-part mini course

The Simple Secrets to Instantly Calm Your Mind & Reduce Stress


Spirituality without the bullshit is possible.


The Huffington Post:

“Award Winning Author, highly sought after International Speaker and one of the most grounded Spiritual Entrepreneurs around the globe.”

Pauline is one of the most beautiful, humble, kind hearted but at the same time gritty and truly authentic people I have ever met. When I have heard her speak it has rocked me to the core. I love her approach to life and business.
— Lisa Messenger, Founder and Editor in Chief Renegade Collective
Pauline is a mighty force of nature. A highly successful entrepreneur with a powerful message the world greatly needs to hear. Her leadership and wisdom is truly inspiring.
— Siimon Reynolds, Advertising Entrepreneur
Long after Pauline Nguyen leaves the room, her existence will baffle you, while her insights will agitate you. If you are not careful, her purpose will mystify you. Her focus will distract you. Her energy will overwhelm you.
— Jonar Nader, Consultant, and Author of 'How to Lose Friends & Infuriate People'

Just a few of my clients


It’s time to step into your Next Level Greatness.


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The Simple Secrets to Instantly Calm Your Mind & Reduce Stress