What are your non-negotiables?

I am not overly regimented. I am disciplined. The word discipline comes from the word disciple – a student, a perpetual pupil of life.

Discipline will set you Free.

I am disciplined about my morning routine and daily non-negotiables.

Daily Prayer ✔️
Daily Meditation ✔️
Daily Yoga ✔️
Daily Breathwork ✔️
Daily Swim ✔️
Daily Sunshine ✔️

There are many powerful (and scientifically supported) reasons why I get up early and go out into nature at the specific times that I do.

When we are elevated daily by the power of nature’s medicine and our days are filled with awe and wonder, and our heart is filled with joy and gratitude for all that is, our level of unshakability remains solid in the face of the natural vicissitudes of life and transcendence becomes us.

This level of focus and the elevated emotions that are the result of such rituals, allows me to bring more meaning to the things I strive for in this world.

These daily non-negotiables are not about getting fit, hitting milestones, taking great selfies, or being overtly spiritual. These non-negotiables are about setting my day up for success.

My priorities are in growing my abilities. I priorities my own peace and calm. These are the foundation stones for a charged, and magnetic day. These are the focus actions that allow me to execute at a level at, or beyond what others expect of me.

Being near the ocean and having access to Nature’s Medicine daily is an important part of my life and what I teach as a coach and mentor.

I design my day to day professional life in orbit around my life principles, and not the other way around.

Your non-negotiables don’t need to look like mine. And they don’t need to cost a fortune either. Getting a daily dose of Nature’s Medicine is free! Moving your body is free! Breathing in oxygen is free! Greeting the sunrise is free! Swimming in the ocean is free! Sitting in stillness and looking within is free!

What are your non-negotiables? Are you committed to them? How are they working for you? Do they bring you joy or do they make you miserable?

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how fast or how smart you are; if you are miserable, you are stuck in mediocrity.

We can choose to be iconic or mediocre – we can’t be both.

Join me at my Spiritual Entrepreneur Round Table to get a greater glimpse into my world.


Written By:
Pauline Nguyen
August 10, 2020

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