Do you feel Stuck? 

Do you feel Disconnected? 

Do you want more Power? 

Do you want to become a Person of Influence? 

Do you want to become a Badass Manifester? 

Do you feel that there must be more to life than what you have been told and sold? 

Do you have that inkling that what the mainstream has been pushing and pushing, is not the full picture of what is possible in your business and your life? 

Do you have that Inner Knowing that you are capable of far greater achievements than what your life currently demonstrates? 

Is your vision for yourself and your business So Big that you have no idea how to get there?

I can show you a better way.

A way that is not ‘Ra Ra’ and pumped up motivation. A way that is not Sales and Funnels and Fight and Force. 

Those ways are boring, predictable and simply NO FUN. 

Don’t get me wrong… Competitiveness is good. We owe it to life to not be mediocre. But I don’t give out participation awards. Don’t come to me for a participation award.

Come to me if you want to Accelerate.

Come to me if you want more Power. 

Come to me if you want to GET GOOD AT LIFE.

The co-dependency and dependency models of other programs, that drip feed you information so that they can keep you in their ‘funnels’ for years and years is unintegral. This is not me. I hold the mirror up, so that you can do your own work. So that you can maintain your Sovereignty and sustain your own Power.

Spirituality is tapping into a Secret Power Source that Unleashes Unbridled Energy.

When most of the world is working with only what they CAN SEE, they are missing out of an additional power source inside of them and outside of them, that will take their lives and businesses to a whole new level.

It’s time to snatch your Power back. 

I can show The Way. The easier way.

The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur.

It is time we brought ‘Spirituality’ down from the clouds and back into our bodies, and into our own realities where it belongs.

Join me and some seriously Badass Spiritual Entrepreneurs for my 3 month online program and discover how Powerful you really are.

We become our Associations and our Associations become us.
We become our Environment and our Environment becomes us.
We must choose them wisely.

Join me.
Life Will Never Be the Same Again.

This is not a ‘Personal Development’ program. It is a PERSONAL DISRUPTION program.

We will Shake, Rumble, and Stir Shit Up so YOU CAN LIVE YOUR LIFE BY DESIGN AND NOT BY DEFAULT.

What you get…

  • Direct & Live Access to me.
    • The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur
    • Personal Poise and Power
    • Speakership – Mastering the Weapons of Influence and Persuasion
    • How to Become a Badass Manifester
  • Live Q & A and workshops
  • Live Shamanic Activation Meditations

This program is designed to get to the deep layers of your Unis, (your Universe) so that you can re-design a solid foundation of Self that is Fearless, Stress Free and Unshakable in Business and in Life.

This program is designed to Unstuck the Stuck.

This online program is designed so that you can go from being stagnant to becoming InSpirit, InSpired and In Love with the Joy for Existence; so that you can step up to do your best work on a daily basis.

This program is designed to Make You More Powerful and more Influential than you ever dreamed of.

Because the Affect we have on others is the Most Valuable Currency we have.
Join Me.


Month 1 Theme – POWER

  • Wednesday 16th September 9am – Masterclass Video Released
  • Wednesday 23rd September 9.30am – 11.30am – Live Online Q&A and Workshop
  • Wednesday 30th September 9.30 – 11.30am – Shamanic Activation Meditation
  • Wednesday 7th October 9.30 – 11.30am – Live Speakership and Workshop

Month 2 Theme – INFLUENCE

  • Wednesday 14th October 9am – Masterclass Video Released
  • Wednesday 21st October 9.30 – 11.30am – Live Online Q&A and Workshop
  • Wednesday 28th October – Shamanic Activation Meditation
  • Wednesday 4th November – Live Speakership and Workshop


  • Wednesday 11th November – Masterclass Video Released
  • Wednesday 18th November – Live Online Q&A and Workshop
  • Wednesday 25th November – Shamanic Activation Meditation 
  • Wednesday 2nd December – Live Speakership, Workshop and Graduation

“If we can learn the tools of self-mastery, we can better practice the art of influence over others.”

Pauline Nguyen