Spiritual Entrepreneur & Self Mastery Retreat

Retreats to awaken the spirit and elevate the soul

Pauline offers a number of retreats which offer the ultimate immersion into the Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur. Pairing exquisite food and complimentary wines with five-star accommodation, these intimate retreats offer breakout sessions with extraordinary results. Combining breath mastery, guided meditations, mindful movement, Qigong and nature’s medicine, these intimate experiences are the ultimate exercise in releasing old blocks and open energy channels to reignite passion, purpose and a sense of inner power. 

Alongside a carefully selected panel of moderators, Pauline uses a range of modern technologies with her knowledge of ancient wisdom. Some of her modalities include ​Meta Neuro Linguistic Programming, Shamanism, Human Design, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Integral Semantics Facilitation, Speakership and Stagecraft, Emotional Freedom Technique, Movement Intelligence, Energy Medicine, Radical Curiosity, Breath Mastery and Mind Training to usher each participant into a new sphere of consciousness.


Held over three days, the Ziva Life Collective Retreat is designed as a change agent for like-minded women who are ready to uplevel their lives. Based at the beautiful Bundara Farm, NSW, the wide-open spaces help facilitate transformation in an organic fashion, at a pace that perpetually amazes its guests.

Run in partnership with integrative chiropractor and Personal Performance Coach, Dr Maria Zuschmann, the Ziva Life Collective specifically caters to the professional woman who is ready to self-actualise, and is looking for the right spiritual and business leaders to take her there.

The next Ziva Life Collective Retreats in October 2022 and February 2023 [SOLD OUT] and September 2023 [ALMOST FULL]. Claim your spot now.


The AWAKEN three-day retreat will be held 18 – 20 November 2022 at Bundarra Farm, Berry. It is an exceptional weekend uniquely geared to help spiritual entrepreneurs, male and female, to find more energy, courage and wisdom to transform business and life from the inside out.

Disrupt, up-level and revolutionise your mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset to embody the willpower and resourcefulness necessary to achieve goals you once thought unattainable.

This experience is by application only. Boasting intimate groups with shared core values, the weekend’s sessions are designed to help business leaders step into their spiritual power and fully experience the richness of life that fulfilment can bring.

“Let’s start with the words you speak, the thoughts you think. As an electro-magnetic being, what are you being a magnet to? What are you repelling? There’s that beautiful dance between science and spirituality.”

Pauline Nguyen