One-on-One Coaching

An unparalleled guide to new dimensions
Igniting potential one breath at a time
A gift to your future self

Do you believe there’s something more to existence than paying bills and dying? Do you feel that the full richness of life is just out of touch of your grasping fingertips? Do you feel financially wealthy, but spiritually bankrupt?

Pauline is not a quick fix business coach. As she says, “Entrepreneurs and business people don’t have business problems, they have personal problems that reflect in their business.” From stagecraft, to speakership for influence and persuasion, to psychosomatic techniques for healing and emotional mastery, Pauline coaches her clients to stand in their power and deliver their truth, leading from the front with purpose, passion, power and poise.

Pauline doesn’t describe herself as a business coach. As one of Australia’s premier Developmental Coaches, she also intimately understands business and entrepreneurship. This lived, embodied knowledge helps Pauline’s clients to get extraordinary results with their businesses – by first working on their own mind, heart, health and spirit.

Combining science and spirituality, Pauline uses Meta Neuro Linguistic Programming, Shamanism, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Integral Semantics Facilitation, Speakership and Stagecraft, Emotional Freedom Technique, Nature’s Medicine, Movement Intelligence, Energy Medicine, Breath Mastery, Qigong, mind training and meditation to enable her clients to rise to their highest state of consciousness, unleashing their gifts to the world.

The Process


Each of Pauline’s clients are accepted by application only. If successful, Pauline offers a Diagnostic session to deeply understand her client’s needs, custom tailoring their program to help them to get to where they want to go, fast.

Breath work

What if someone told you the success of your business hangs on your breath? Pauline teaches the art of breath as the currency of influence for those looking to succeed, helping others live a life of conscious design and optimum health and well-being.

Shamanic activation

Using her energetic gifts and the art of ancient spiritual traditions, Pauline uses aspects of shamanism, in particular nature’s medicine, voice activation and sound healing, to fundamentally change her clients’ state of consciousness.

Nature’s medicine

Much of Pauline’s work with her clients is done in nature, especially at sunrise where the healing frequency is at its most potent. Science tell us that when we are in nature, anxiety, overwhelm, depression, illness and disease is reduced by 50%. Science also tells us that inspiration, creativity, imagination and trust also increases by 50% when we are in nature. By accessing nature’s medicine, Pauline is able to assist her clients to accelerate their growth and healing potential exponentially.


This is the metamorphosis every client is looking for. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the transformation process enables those who work with Pauline to enjoy a revolution of their internal kingdom – becoming fearless, stress free and unshakable. Pauline doesn’t want to work with her clients forever; she wants them to become powerful in their own right, embodying their new-found knowledge and relishing the transformation’s ripple through their personal and professional lives.



IGNITE is Pauline’s Executive Speaking Program, designed for the established entrepreneur or business person with a burning desire to share their gifts and insights on stage. This one on one program is designed to give Pauline’s elite clients a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to become a Professional Speaker and Master Influencer, not only on stage, but also in business and in life.


  • Gain fast-tracked insights, skills and experience to crack into the speaking industry
  • Get results fast with embodied transformation, with breath work and Stage Craft techniques that set you apart from the rest
  • Receive Pauline’s expert guidance in how to craft and fine tune your keynote address

“If we can learn the tools of self-mastery, we can better practice the art of influence with others.”

Pauline Nguyen