Entrepreneur & Business Meet Up


Pauline’s inner circles are a select group of powerful like-minded entrepreneurs and business orientated individuals who gather once a month in Sydney, led by Pauline to gain access to new dimensions and planes of consciousness by working on their mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset. 

Through breath work, guided meditations, movement medicine, shamanic activation, Neuro-Linguistic Programing, energy healing and Integral Semantics Facilitation, Pauline’s Inner Circles go Quantum; connecting to pure source energy. By working within this intimate setting, Pauline is able to utilise the group energy to raise each person’s frequency at an accelerated pace.

Now, for the first time, Pauline has expanded her offering to include digital Inner Circles, gifting her followers from across the world the rare chance to be part of a collective that was previously unattainable. To render geographical boundaries useless for the first time, in the unprecedented time post COVID-19, has been met with unwavering excitement among Pauline’s followers.

Joining a group of powerful, like-minded entrepreneurs guided by Pauline, enables each participant to find their true self. Businesses excel and personal lives flourish. Pauline has the ability to see her client’s blind spots and hold space in a way that is as healing as it is rare.

Thanks to her experience and training in facilitation, both live and digitally, Pauline is able to read the group’s dynamics and understands how to energetically shift the vibrations so each person present is elevated in the way that they need. This is where science and spirituality combine; Pauline has carefully curated a treasure trove of modern modalities, combined with her shamanism and ancient spiritual arts, in a way that proceeds her reputation as one of Australia’s best developmental coaches.

The data is in the testimonials, which showcase exactly how this work changes lives


This work is for you if you’re looking to combine forces with a network of highly successfully entrepreneurial leaders that have deep spiritual values.

There are no ‘quick fixes’ here.

This is not for those stuck in victimhood and blame.

Pauline’s Spiritual Entrepreneur Inner Circle members know they have gifts to contribute to humanity – and Pauline is here to show them how.

  • Want to understand how fulfilment is the new currency
  • Are lacking the energy and vitality that used to course through your veins
  • Would like to know how it feels to truly feel alive
  • Are ready to take your business and personal life to the next level of greatness
  • Are looking for your soul’s true purpose and passion.



“Spirituality is simply physics that has yet to be explained.”

Pauline Nguyen