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Flamingo AI

“We meet on the clifftops of Clovelly at 6am in the morning, summer and winter. We might do body work, energy work, meditation, yoga, chanting or energetic shifting. It always astounds me that two or three hours could have passed and it feels like three minutes. There is no question, the work has changed my life. I’ve freed myself from programs that have been running my behaviour. My fear of older, authoritative men was one of those. Because I sit on a board of an ASX company, I’m surrounded by older men my entire life. This has been a really powerful thing for me to come to terms with. She’s very strong and I think she makes a remarkable role model. If it was just the shamanic side, there’s plenty of those people. If she was just the business side, there’s plenty of those too. Are there people so overtly good at business and overtly good at the shamanism? Very few. I think she walks a very unique path with one foot in each of those worlds and she does it very succinctly and with a very clear vision. It’s quite astounding how quickly the work I do with Pauline manifests.”

CEO and Founder, Volpe

“I am an Entrepreneur who owns three businesses in the building industry. When Pauline started coaching me, I saw the shift immediately and all aspects of my life improved. My business and personal life has never been so clear and focused with so many improvements. Pauline has coached me on my health, my business, my public speaking skills, my developmental psychology and on being the best business owner, husband and father I can be – with integrity, passion and direction. Pauline is not afraid to tell me what I need to hear to make the changes. The value of Pauline coaching could not be validated with any cost. In short, she changes people’s lives. She changes all areas of her client’s lives. Pauline is an outstanding coach and human being. I strongly recommend Pauline to any person or organisation who wants to grow and improve in all areas of their lives.”

Real Masai Safari Tours Kenya

“I had a very volatile upbringing. I spent a bit of time in my youth in a maximum-security prison. I gave up all drugs by my mid 30s but the effects of the drugs created continued anxiety and panic. Pauline offers life changing tools at each session. If you’re looking for a shoulder to cry on, she’s not the right one. She’s a great spiritual guide; those who are seeking and need something more, she can definitely provide it. She’s got a beautiful energy, she’s very soft, but she will also push you. When you think you can’t, she really gets in there and guides you to push through the obstacles you’re stuck in. She’s a straight talker and holds you accountable.  I really do believe in what she teaches, that success in business is all about self-mastery. Majority of people, like myself have been very unconscious for a very long time, so it’s not an overnight fix. I am so grateful and excited for the life journey ahead. Feeling great is the new normal!”


“Wow! I knew when I engaged Pauline as my personal coach that things were going to be different! She has a reputation for being the best.  Although nervous, I was ready for change.  It was time. In our very first session, Pauline had me feeling back to who I am meant to be – the beautiful feminine woman that I am. Her skills are unmatched to any other coach I have had in the last ten years. Pauline is always growing and upskilling in various modalities which makes her the best.  This is why I believe her clients get rapid results. Her listening skills, non-judgement care, and love for her clients is nothing I have ever experienced before. It’s been 4 sessions in now, and I have seen so much change and growth. I have not grown so quickly with any other coach before. I have let go of so many old stories and disempowering beliefs.  I now know what my truth is.  I now know how to own my power and go after everything that I want in this life. The future is fucking exciting and I have Pauline to thank for that!”

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