Ziva is Back and She Feels Good!

Half the spots for Ziva 2019 are already secured. We are excited to announce this year's theme; Attracting Abundance – the Art and Science of Manifestation.

Learn the secrets to help you break through the limitations once and for all to attract your personal and professional goals and desires.

You will also learn the Weapons of Influence so that you can Master Influence in all your Relationships – especially your relationship with self.

Self Love is Key.

Is there really a more valuable skill than this?

We can’t wait to share this knowledge with you so that you can up-level your power of influence and experience a level of freedom unlike any you have felt before, eliminating any and all resistance you have to the wealth and abundance you deserve.

You will discover and implement ancient wisdoms and modern techniques in brain chemistry, neuroscience, psychosomatic and personal development.

We will share tremendously powerful, and yet subtle techniques to increase your awareness, and therefore your skillset, to better influence all aspects of your life.

You will become a Master Influencer through the power of the Feminine Divine as we reveal a more sophisticated understanding of interpersonal human relationships and the role that intentional mindset, heartset, healthset and soulset plays.

You’ll learn how the brain can be reprogrammed to:
- Empower yourself to make inspired choices that lead to fulfilment.
- Attain a greater sense of joy and wonder.
- Create stronger relationships and more meaningful connections with others.
- Powerfully connect with your true self.
- Increase your own sense of self love and self worth.
- Attract more wealth, exciting opportunities and greater abundance.

At Ziva, we understand that, as women, we need not ‘fight our way to the top’. At Ziva, we understand that we can move mountains with the gentlest of touch.

The Ziva Life Collective retreat is by application only. The weekend is strictly limited, both in numbers and in attitude. Whether you want to change yourself or change the world, we want to ensure that our retreat is filled with only change makers – those who want to Level Up to their infinite potential.

Click here to apply.
11-13th October 2019
Bundarra Farm Berry NSW