Your Words Have Profound Power

Your words have profound power.png

Your words, both written and spoken, have profound power. Your written words – your ‘Spellings’- have an unseen affect on your reality. How aware are you of how you are programming your subconscious mind? Choose your words wisely.

Many times I have been laughed at and ridiculed for bringing the unconscious conscious – and it is because I speak truth.

How aware are you of the words you use and their meaning?

We have the power to speak things into existence and yet most of our curses roll off our own tongues with negative self talk and derision for others.

Words cast spells.

Never underestimate the power of the words you use and the tone and intention in which you use them. Your choice of thoughts and the words that represent your thoughts can cause cancer, depression and dis-ease…. or they can manifest freedom, friendship and joy.

The words you speak become the house you live in. Choose your words wisely.

MindsetPauline Nguyen