We Don't Get Up Until We Feel It

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I recently spoke about this at my Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtable. It is the powerful idea that when meditating or visualizing, you don’t get up from your meditation until you FEEL it.

Feel what, you may ask?

You don’t get up until you FEEL the feeling of being healthy and vital.

You don’t get up until you FEEL the feeling of being sensual and sexy.

You don’t get up until you FEEL the feeling of being successful and fulfilled.

You don’t get up until you FEEL the feeling of being connected and loved.

Whatever it is you are wanting to manifest into reality, whatever you are wanting to focus your energy on, you bring those feelings into focus, and really FEEL them through your whole body, through all of your cells.  You don’t get up until the elevated emotions are charging through your body and uplifting your spirit.

We are electromagnetic beings.  Your thoughts will send the signal out and the FEELINGS will draw the event back to you.

Have you seen my series of powerful meditations?

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'Calm Courage, Inner Power, and Outer Abundance'

“I find calm courage rising deep within me. When I practice Pauline’s meditation I sense that I am exploring parts of me that are priceless and invaluable. With Pauline’s guidance I am able to inhale calmness and exhale stress which allows me to access a mind state where I am willing to engage in my own self hypnosis and able to practice opening my heart wider to a more abundant life experience. It is a daily practice that I look forward to and appreciate deeply."

- Matt Jackson

Specifically designed for entrepreneurs feeling anxiety, fear, and a lack of control. This recording will activate the warrior in you to take action and peacefully remove what’s in the way of your joy, fulfilment and success.

You can listen in a relaxed seated or reclined position and retrain your mind to stop playing the blame-game and victim card by managing your emotions and protecting your energy.

Practiced over time, this session:

-Enhances calm

-Cultivates courage

-Enables you to forge inner power

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