The World Is Ready

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When a Doctor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics comes to a Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtable, you know that the world is ready and hungry for this next evolution.

People are starting to understand that Spirituality is what will give us the competitive edge and the unfair advantage in Business and in Life.

Spirituality is how we can truly alleviate suffering and elevate human potential.

Thank you Dr Catriona Wallace for your presence, your wisdom, your grace and your openness at our Roundtable. My gratitude for you is deep.

“The Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtable was a super engaging afternoon and evening spent with like-minded people, at the most exquisite restaurant, Red Lantern; and being guided by Pauline Nguyen through The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur - the 7 Secrets to Becoming Fearless, Stress Free and Unshakable in Business and in Life. The night was powerful, deep, educational and reflective. At the same time, we shared great food and wine. Spirit meets entrepreneurs meets gourmet fare. It doesn’t get much better!"

Our May 14 Roundtable is SOLD OUT.

Our next Roundtable is May 21st - 4pm start.

Red Lantern Restaurant - 60 Riley St Darlinghurst NSW

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