Survival of the Most Fitting

It is not Survival of the Fittest.

The ones who are the most nimble, agile and flexible. The ones who can adapt quickly and get along with others.

Jack Ma puts it simply… "No matter how smart you are, if you don’t know how to work with people, your dreams will just be dreams."

There is no room for ego here.

Athletes know that it is not the fittest who wins. Fitness counts, yes, but adapting to the environment and responding to change in an instant, counts more.

Entrepreneurs know that it is not the most profitable who truly wins. Profit counts, yes, but continual innovation, predicting and navigating changes in the marketplace, building an ever evolving network counts more.

How has our restaurant Red Lantern survived 18 years? How has it outlived so many others who have been forced to close? How have we overcome every challenge in business that has been thrown our way in those 18 years?

There is something to be said for still staying in the game long after the others have given up.

Red Lantern is still around because we understand that change is the only constant. Change never surprises us. Not only do we embrace change, we expect change, even more, we become the change.

We are continuously listening to new voices. We are forever learning new concepts. More importantly, we consistently become new people so that we can be better than before. We adapt swiftly. We reinvent ourselves quickly and we will continue to rewrite our story.

 We will continue to become the change.

Many people in business are holding hard and fast to old ways that aren’t working anymore. Not questioning old rules, procedures and paradigms. Not collaborating and innovating with shake ups, shake downs and asking better questions.

Being the most fitting places us in the present moment and requires us to adapt to it. It requires us to take all that we know, have learnt, and perceive and create something new that adapts to that moment.

We attract what we are ready for.

What does the present moment require of you and your business?

How does the current climate and environment call you to respond?

Where do you and your business need to adapt and innovate?

MindsetPauline Nguyen