Ten Beautiful Souls Coming Together


Gees I am having so much fun at our Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtables.  Tuesday’s gathering was no exception. Ten beautiful souls coming together from entirely different backgrounds sharing their joy, their pain, their frustrations, their energy, their curiosity, their stories and their spirit.  We went deep and shared some profound conversation:

  • How to design your electromagnetic signature

  • Opiates in the sunshine

  • Overhauling limiting beliefs

  • The science of manifesting

  • Why vulnerability and empathy is crap

  • Business values vs brand promise

  • Energy management

  • Past life regression

  • Why stress makes you stupid

  • The dark net

  • Entanglement

  • Why your values keep you imprisoned

  • Nature’s medicine

  • Polyamory

  • Quantum healing

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Spirituality

  • Parenting

  • Marriage

  • Sexuality and so much more!

The next progression from our Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtables is the Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat

On Retreat is where we take the learnings from my book as well as Roundtable and turbo charge the reprogramming of your subconscious for lasting change. 

On Retreat is where you upgrade your operating system and accelerate your evolution. 

You can go to any other ‘Leadership’ program and listen to the same old, same old motivational crap, or you can come to Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur and flip old beliefs to discover the truth of yourself and finally find the solutions that work.

I like to keep all my events super intimate for maximum impact and value. 

Spots are already filling up fast for Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat.

June 14th - 16th, Palm Beach, Sydney.

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