Plugged & Unplanned - Episode 3

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When Tony Nash, CEO of Booktopia and I sat down to do a podcast, who would have thought we would get into so much detail that THREE episodes are made from it!

This is the final instalment and there is so much juiciness in these 20 minutes together.

We talk about having the ability, and the audacity to question society and ourselves. As I say, “How will you have the courage to really look into your internal ecology? And are you prepared and have the discipline to do the internal work? Because sooner or later your internal ecology will directly reflect and project upon your external kingdom.”

And GOYA! Get Off Your Arse. You must do the work and get into action, not just sit in meditation all the time and pray that things will appear from nothing.

Which leads me to thinking ...what are your non-negotiables in your life? The non-negotiables that will set you up to be the victor, before you even leave the front door, get in the car and go to work and do the same-old, same-old? 

It is the muscle that needs to be trained.

We also discussed parenting and how we must transcend, hold space for them and be compassionate to their level of development. 

And of course, we discuss how the shit will always hit the fan. It is the law of the universe. We need to prepare ourselves. Who are you in the face of that obstacle? Is that how you want to show up? 

It is the muscle that needs to be trained.

Enjoy friends and let me know what you learnt.

Listen to the third and final instalment of Plugged and Unplanned with Tony Nash.

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