Plugged & Unplanned - Episode 2

Pauline with Tony Nash, CEO Booktopia

Pauline with Tony Nash, CEO Booktopia

Are you a control freak and always need to plan everything out?   

Are you a little uncomfortable with the word ‘spirituality’? 

Are you noticing that some of the ‘rules’ you live by in this world are not quite working out for you?  Yes?  

Then this conversation is for you. 

In this jam packed episode with Booktopia’s Founder and CEO, Tony Nash, we cover A LOT in just 20 minutes. The energy is palpable. 

We talk about...
* Having a vision. Add in a burning desire. Strive. Work Hard. Then...surrender to the ‘Event Managers’
* My mission has never changed… to help people to not be scared of the word ‘spiritual’. 
* The ‘surrender’ is a complete shift from the usual nature of the control freak that needs to always have a plan. 
* Keep taking the next step, and the next step. 
* Everyone has ‘spirit’, we have just been indoctrinated to be scared of it. 
* Red Lantern and my work has had no mainstream advertising. Our success has been based on advocates, word of mouth, and continuing to remain ‘interesting’ so that the media continue to pay attention to us.
* And how I do it all by STEALTH. 

And so much more!  Check out the podcast and learn some more. 

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