I Am The Expert Of My Life

I am the expert of my life.jpg

When nothing on the outside satisfies you, there is only one turn left, and that is to turn within.

In the past, I have too often abdicated control and responsibility to others; the so called ‘experts’. Multiple times in business and in life, this has led to disappointment, disillusionment, heart ache, soul ache and financial pain.

Life is meant to be a gymnasium where we participate in its glory to make ourselves strong. And so, these days, I only abdicate to those who have proven themselves to me time and time again. 

These days, I gauge and discern by using my own mind and my own body as an instrument of consciousness.

It’s all a test right?  

How else can we separate those who are playing the same game of life as us from those who are not?  

And so, it has been the usual pattern in the past, that I have had to snatch my power back from the so called ‘experts’.

I am the expert of my life. No-one else.

Our greatest Awakening is when we become aware of our Infinite Nature.

Our purpose in this lifetime is to Awaken and Remember who we are, what we want, what we are put on this earth to do, and who we want to become.  

Our purpose in this lifetime is to Awaken and Remember. Awaken and Remember. Awaken and Remember.  

But you can’t tune into and receive the powerful answers unless you ask the powerful questions of the right powerful people.

Our purpose in this lifetime is to rediscover, reinvent, redesign, rewrite and retell.

Rediscover, reinvent, redesign, rewrite and retell your story over and over and over my friends.

Life gets very exciting when we become the Alchemist of our Destiny!

Who have you abdicated to?  Do you abdicate still?

Perhaps it is time to snatch your power back.

MindsetPauline Nguyen