How To Become A Badass Manifester

Everything in our lives is a result of what we know, what we experience and how we interact with our consciousness. 

Whatever we see in the physical universe has been created in one way or the other by our thoughts and our emotions.

These elements make up the ultimate source from which everything else evolves.

Manifesting is an ability of consciousness at the inner level. We all share the same source; no one gets more or less. The only difference is that some people are more aware of it than others.

Manifesting is both science AND spirituality.
Manifesting is both setting intentions AND taking action. 
Manifesting is both visualising AND creating elevated emotions associated with the desire. 

Manifesting is not sitting in lotus position for hours, reciting ‘om shanti’s’ praying in hopeful meditation for things to magically appear.

Manifesting also involves a whole lot of ‘GOYA – Get of Your Arse’ and make it happen.

Science has proved that when we experience the elevated emotions of Gratitude, Forgiveness, Joy, Love, Compassion, Appreciation, Care and Connection, we are in the state of being our true self – a state of being deeply recognised from birth. It is through cultural, social, educational, environmental and relational conditioning that we have lost sight of our Joy and Connectedness. 

When we respond to life from our true selves rather than from our conditioned selves, we are able to manifest what we want.

The optimist who possesses elevated emotions, knows in their gut that their beliefs and the words they use to speak to themselves and others have a lot to do with what shows up in their life. 

The optimist knows that it is their thoughts and their feelings that create their destiny.

What you focus on the most will always manifest in your life. 

It is the law.

Through habit, the victim will focus on the cost. The A-player will focus on the value. The pessimist will focus first on all the ways it won’t work. 

The ‘possibilitarian’ will think of all the ways to make it work. The optimist will combine high-level thinking with elevated emotions such as hope, joy, gratitude, love, playfulness and compassion to get them to where they want to go faster. 

Elevated emotions are the secret ingredient. Elevated emotions combined with high-level thinking will raise our vibration to meet new levels of infinite possibility.

This is when we can become a Badass Manifester.
This is when we can practice The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur.

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