How Do You Create Personal Disruption?

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They say the teacher appears when the student is ready. And so is true for my powerful friend Edwin Brazali. Since making a decision to commit to his own personal disruption, his transformation has been rapid and is a wonder to behold. 

Being a witness to his transformation has brought me much, much joy. 

Today, I hand over to Edwin. He has become a teacher now. The following are his words...

"It has become so clear for me that personal development cannot happen unless personal disruption happens first. 

The question then becomes "How do you create personal disruption?"

In her latest book "
THE WAY OF THE SPIRITUAL ENTREPRENEUR", one of my mentors & teachers, Pauline Nguyen, states that we need to embrace Cognitive Dissonance.

Cognitive Dissonance is the mental "discomfort" that occurs when you hold contradicting beliefs, ideas or values within yourself.

Cognitive Dissonance is saying:

'I am absolutely terrified at public speaking, but I want to become a top keynote speaker' 
'I've never written a book before, but I want to become an international bestselling author' 
'I have no idea where to start, but I want to create a movement and a community to help men put down their masks and live their true purpose in this world' 

Jumping into the unknown and making life changes is scary. But REGRET is even scarier.

So I felt the fear and immersed myself in an intensive program to learn to be a keynote speaker with Speakers Institute. And I am soon to experience Pauline's Awaken The Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat to go even further with my personal disruption and evolution. 

So my message to you is:
Transformation doesn't happen unless you embrace disruption.
Jump in with both feet, open your heart and TRUST the process."

Edwin, my admiration for you is large, and I can't wait to be witness to your next level of transformation at Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur Retreat.

Join me for a weekend of personal disruption. 
There are only a few spots left. Only those who are HUNGRY and READY need apply.

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