How Can I Up-Level This?

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Often,  I find myself thinking; “How can I up-level this?”

It has become one of my core business tactics.

Whether I am with my Spiritual Entrepreneur Inner Circle, reading new books, learning new concepts, tapping into new minds, or at NLP*, CBT* or EFT* conferences and trainings.

In recent times, this question has come up a lot for me. “How can I take ‘The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur’ further?”  How can I really up-level this movement so that I can assist more people to transform?

I often take myself into nature, away from technology, away from distractions, away from family to really ask myself and ask the universe, “How can I up-level this?” AND inevitably, I end my day with a heart that is fulfilled by the many, many, many exciting ideas that consistently channel through to me.  

Everyday my heart sings and I am bursting with excitement and energy for the next steps, and the next level that is on its way to you. The future is exciting. Watch this space!

For me, it is not the pursuit of happiness or the pursuit of success.  For me it is the pursuit of constant Growth of Contribution. Fulfilment is the New Currency.

Are you constantly asking yourself, “How can I up-level this?” Or are you in cruise control and playing it safe? Boredom is what kills the soul of man.

In Business and in Life, it is vital to always be asking, always be changing, always be evolving and always be moving forward….just as our cells and our neurons are always renewing and rewiring - so must we mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.

And up-levelling does not always mean “doing more”. Oh no, no, no my friends. Sometimes to up-level requires a slowing down, a listening in, a cutting out or a simplification of.

So today, in your world, how can you up-level it?

*NLP = Neuro Linguistic Programming

*CBT = Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

*EFT = Emotional Freedom Technique

MindsetPauline Nguyen