Cooking on National Live TV - Watch Me!


I am grateful to Studio10 for inviting me back to do something I have never done before. I thrive on doing things I have never done before. How else do we learn and evolve? 


I am not a Chef nor am I even a professional cook, but I certainly am a professional eater! This did not sway me from accepting the challenge.

The Spiritual Entrepreneur consistently jumps into the unknown. They find comfort in the discomfort. This is how they upgrade their character and their skillset.

You cannot become an interesting person if you do not do interesting things. 

This is the most rewarding part of building my eco-system. To continually up-level and fine tune my internal ecology as well as my external architecture.

So what did I decide to do in a 5 minute time slot? Toss a salad of course! A very, very sexy salad. Fresh, nourishing, textural and flavoursome with all the Red Lantern secrets sprinkled on top. Watch it here.

Prior preparation and lots of help from my husband Mark Jensen also made my experience much easier and made it fun. Not so sure how Mark and my brother Luke will feel about me never following the recipe and always breaking rules though! 

Thank you Chef! Thank you Studio10!

My Gratitude is Deep for the Game that Life Allows me to Play.

Pauline Nguyen