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The Secret To Living Is Giving

One of the greatest joys that I experience with my Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtables is the invitation for my guests to not only come to learn from me, but also learn from each other. The Secret to Living is Giving, and boy, did the Spiritual Entrepreneurs at Tuesday’s Roundtable give A LOT!

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Who Is Retreat For?

"So, who is the retreat for? My friend asked me on the weekend. “Is Awaken the Spiritual Entrepreneur retreat just for entrepreneurs? I want in, and I am not an entrepreneur, so does this mean I miss out?" Of course I giggled.  No, my retreat is not just for entrepreneurs. It is for anyone WHO IS HUNGRY.  HUNGRY and READY to learn.

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The World Is Ready

When a Doctor of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics comes to a Spiritual Entrepreneur Roundtable, you know that the world is ready and hungry for this next evolution. People are starting to understand that Spirituality is what will give us the competitive edge and the unfair advantage in Business and in Life.

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