Because The Old Ways Are Broken

I look around at the entrepreneurs in my world and many of them are extremely successful. That doesn’t mean that they are not suffering. So many suffer quietly and silently on their own. It hurts my heart to see them in pain. 

Many are too embarrassed, ashamed or unwilling to admit weakness to share these fears, doubts and failures with their friends, their family, their children and their work colleagues. They suffer in silence putting on a brave face. 

This is ultimately what causes many to have nervous breakdowns, commit suicide or end up in jail. Their pride and loneliness means they simply cannot face up to the reality of failure – or their perceived idea of failure. They would rather hide this failure, implode, or steal from others to mask it publicly.

Lack of success jolts their self-esteem. Negative assessment from others makes them feel ‘less than’ or looked down upon and unloved. And so, they work even harder and try even harder – but they still don’t make it. And this vicious cycle ends up destroying their lives, their marriages and their relationships with their children – all through scarcity of time, lack of support, lack of knowledge and lack of money.

If we have been lucky along the entrepreneurial journey, we might have acquired, or be on the way to acquiring, the finer material things we thought would make us happy. By doing so, we may at first feel we have achieved the ‘dream’ we have been sold for so many years.

We have sacrificed much to get here. But now that we have ‘arrived’, we are disillusioned and we still yearn for what is missing – adventure, a sense of meaning, a sense of purpose and connection. In essence, we are missing happiness with who we have become and what we have achieved, and respect from those around us.

So, what is the answer? And where do we find this missing piece?

The missing piece is in my latest book, The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur. The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur is the new frontier in the science of achievement – because the old ways are no longer working for so many of us.

I believe that today, a different kind of suffering has been misdiagnosed as psychological suffering. So many are suffering but it is not psychological suffering – it is spiritual suffering. Indeed, a spiritual crisis is happening at the moment.

I must clear up any confusion that spirituality is connected with religion. I believe that spirituality does not need religion. It is religion that needs spirituality.

To be ‘in spirit’ means to be inspired, and to perform all tasks and live our lives from a place of inspiration and from a higher mind. Spirituality does not come from religion; it comes from our soul. Spirituality is not theology or ideology. Spirituality is about self-realisation, self-determination, self-actualisation and, ultimately, self-transcendence. Spirituality is about mastering our thoughts, our behaviours and our emotions.

Spiritual Entrepreneurs understand that we only have control over four things in our life – the thoughts we think, the images we visualise, the people we associate with and the actions we take. The purpose of this book is to empower you with new ways of thinking – and new reasons to think differently – so that you have a deeper understanding of yourself and your part in this world, bringing harmony to your home, your life and business.

Spiritual Entrepreneurship is a new way of being, not doing. The Spiritual Entrepreneur dedicates their mastery and training to LIFE, placing emphasis on their mind, their body, their breath and their emotions, so that they can ‘show up’ in the face of any adversity – and be fearless, stress free and unshakable. 

Happiness alone is no longer such a great orientation. Fearlessness is a much more powerful trait. Where fear resides there is gold. The Way of the Spiritual Entrepreneur is written with one purpose in mind: to empower you in the choices that lead to more freedom, more peacefulness and more joy in a rapidly changing world.

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